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I’m sure this recipe can be found on just about any living green website or in any book on green living, but I will post it here and save you all the trouble of searching for it.

  • 1 part lemon juice (squeezed if you have the time and patience, or use the Real Lemon bottled stuff)
  • 1 part white vinegar
  • 1 part water
  • 15 to 20 drops of bergamot or tea tree essential oil (both great antiseptic/antibacterial agents) & it helps to cut the smell of the vinegar
  • Mix together and pour into your favourite reusable spray bottle (good sizes found at any respectable dollar store)
  • Need to scour something – use baking soda – cleans tubs, stainless steel sinks – you get the idea

Refresh as needed. All in all, even with the cost of really good essential oils, this solution will save you a ton of money.


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