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There is something in me, there always has been, a need to be creative. Whether it is writing, drawing (not well but trying none the less), painting ceramics or boxes, scrapbooking, sewing, building sets & props – I need to be creative.

This need is the reason I opened my little Euphorium store at the back of our Euphoria Smoothie store. Ok, I didn’t open it all by myself I had help from my wonderfully, fabulous friend Effy. She is talented, independent and I see in her all the things I wish I could claim for myself. Only me-ish. Weird right?

Anyway, I have been so busy running the day to day of both of the stores (Hi Honey, I love you), that I haven’t had any time to be creative. And that was the purpose of opening this wonderful artisan consignment shop in the first place. So, what gives.

I’ll tell you what, I may feel creative but I just don’t have the talent to back up what I want to do. I would love to paint & draw – real pictures – actually whimsy pictures (Effy got me hooked on those – they are so fracking CUTE). But, well, I suck at it. I try really hard but I just don’t feel that I am good enough to do it. So, I went traipsing around on the internet (Ok, I stole the link from Effy – she has all the best links to all the best artsy stuff), and found this place:

Now, Effy talks about this place all the time and how fabulous it is. And now she is giving a workshop for this website – I am so excited!
Effy Wild :: Wild. Precious
She creates these beautiful art journals that look so impressive and professional, and I find myself reluctantly comparing my talent to hers – I KNOW, I not supposed to do that but knowing and doing are different things.
As well, a while ago I started receiving e-creative courses from Andrea Schroeder, my self-imposed limits have prevented me from actually doing any of the work, well that and lack of time.  I have saved all of the emails though, I just hope the links still work when I finally decided to take the plunge.
I wandered around on the Dirty Footprints page that talk about the instructors for 21 Secrets and discovered:
Connie Hozvicka :: Dirty Footprints Studio
This workshops seems to lay out all that I have trouble with. I’m so concerned about how it will look that I just don’t get it all out. I would love to do this workshop.
Oh, and then there is:
Lisa Wilson :: Life Unity
Another workshop on just beginning Art Journaling. So, many choices!!!
Actually, I would love to do all these workshops but I just don’t have the time or the money (Hey Mom, can we skip the gift card and can you buy this for my birthday?? 🙂 Please, maybe, okay).
But if you have the chance and have ever felt even the tiniest inclination to be creative, I would check this out.
I think I have attached a button that will take you directly there in my sidebar but I’m just getting the hang of this, so if I haven’t please be patient OR better yet send me instructions on how to do it. 🙂
Ciao for now

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