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Day 3

Well, I cheated a little bit last night when I went out with a friend. I had an ice creamy alcoholic drink, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. The rest of yesterday went well. I had raw veggies for lunch: broccoli, green beans, mushrooms and carrots. And then for dinner I made baked 3 cheese tortellini with broccoli and mushrooms. Yummy!

Today, I missed breakfast. So I had some veggie straws (just a handful) at about 10am. Then for lunch I had some non-fat unsweetened yogurt and some cherries and grapes with granola. For dinner the hubby and I are going to have the leftover tortellini from last night.

I think I’ll take out some of the ground turkey that I bought and cook it up to add to the veggie chili I have in the freezer. Should be delish.

I really do have to remember to eat breakfast of some sort. Even if it is to nab an apple and some grapes to eat while I’m doing all my running around.



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Day 2

Feeling pretty good today. I had a falafel wrap with red pepper hummus, tzatziki, red onion, cucumber, lettuce and tomato for lunch yesterday with part of an iced peppermint tea. And for dinner I had a small amount of corn, lots of steamed broccoli (mmm broccoli), and 2 smallish red potatoes. Lots of pepper, a little vegan margarine and a huge glass of water.

So far for breakie this morning. My new style of coffee – still trying to get used to it. And some red grapefruit pieces. Not really hungry for anything else at the moment but I will listen to my body while I am painting and try to have a snack in about an hour and a half.


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I’m sure this recipe can be found on just about any living green website or in any book on green living, but I will post it here and save you all the trouble of searching for it.

  • 1 part lemon juice (squeezed if you have the time and patience, or use the Real Lemon bottled stuff)
  • 1 part white vinegar
  • 1 part water
  • 15 to 20 drops of bergamot or tea tree essential oil (both great antiseptic/antibacterial agents) & it helps to cut the smell of the vinegar
  • Mix together and pour into your favourite reusable spray bottle (good sizes found at any respectable dollar store)
  • Need to scour something – use baking soda – cleans tubs, stainless steel sinks – you get the idea

Refresh as needed. All in all, even with the cost of really good essential oils, this solution will save you a ton of money.

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I have come to the realization that I have nonexistent willpower. So, I’m starting again. I have three specific goals in mind:

  • to eat cleaner so that I can be healthier
  • to lose 30lbs
  • to try and stick to as much natural (green) eating, cleaning, etc., as I can

To this point I have been somewhat unsuccessful in the eating department. I don’t have a problem cleaning green or living green. I turn off lights; I try and conserve water (we installed a rain barrel for the yard); I even use only lemon juice, vinegar, water and bergamot to clean with (I’ll post the recipe); or given a truly green alternative (see a previous blog about Nature Clean products), I use those. My issue is with food.

I used to say that I only eat to survive, because I have too. But after some serious contemplation and some guidance from the Goddess, I realize now that I am lying to myself. I eat when I am angry, depressed, sad, happy or bored. This destructive pattern of filling a void with food has to stop.

How? I have started painting again. I’m also sketching some fun characters (thanks to my lovely Fey), and I am generally starting to become more creative. A venue that has been sorely lacking thus far. The problem there is that when I get going on a project, I forget to eat. That is not healthy. So, I’m starting over.

I am going to carve time out of everyday to be creative in some way, even if it is just sketching for an hour. I am also going to make time to sit with the Goddess every day. Especially the one inside me. And I am going to eat better. There I said it out loud. Now, how do I ensure that what I am eating is good for me; that I am not eating too much or that I am eating enough. That is where this blog comes in, and anybody who reads it. This space and its readers (provided there are any) are going to be my Jimminy Cricket – yep, my conscious.  I’m going to write out everything I eat over the course of the day for the next 30 days, and if I don’t log in anyone has the right to message me and say something. Just be kind.

So, today I am starting the day with a cup of fresh ground brewed coffee, sweetened with honey, spiced with ginger and cinnamon and lightened ever so slightly with almond milk. It’s a little more bitter than I am used to considering I usually have a triple triple but it’s not bad. I’m going to get some more agave nectar when I have a chance and try that instead. I am eating a bowl of red grapefruit pieces, unsweetened yogurt with some really yummy granola (from St. Jacob’s market) on top. The granola is high in calories but I have put less than a 1/4 cup on it and it has wonderful things in it like currants, raisins, almonds, oats,  and sunflower seeds.

That’s breakfast. If I get hungry a little later I will have some grapes or an apple.

See you at lunch.

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