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This is just a quick entry. I know I have been lax and I am hoping to remedy that in the near future.

So on a previous post I mentioned the whole issue of things not being organic as they claimed. The other issue is that the majority of SLS and paraben free stuff seems to come from the US and is just impossible to get here because of customs and shipping charges BUT (that’s a big but – hee hee), I have found a great from right here in Canada. It’s called Nature Clean. You still have to do some label reading (allergies, etc) but they encompass the entire Green line of products.

I am currently using their fragrance free shampoo and conditioner – fabulous. Usually these allergen/eco-friendly/organic products leave my hair crunchy but not these ones. They are great. They also have wonderful body wash/scrub with crushed walnuts in it that I am loving.

As an added bonus, they are not overly expensive. I mean it’s more costly to produce stuff that isn’t riddled with chemicals so I’m willing to pay a little bit more for that stuff (my to my husband’s chagrin).

They also make cleaning products. Yep, cleaning products that won’t burn your mucus membranes, create issues with your neurological system or cause nasty red blotches and scaly skin from use. 🙂 Score! I have a bottle of their Lavendar & Tea Tree dishwashing soap. Now I can wash dishes and relax. Who’d have thunk it!

Anywho, their website is http://www.naturecleanliving.com. I haven’t had the chance to check it out in it’s entirety yet but I’m getting there. Besides, the greatest thing about this product is that it is available in most grocery stores. Just look in the Naturliving part of Zehrs or try and find it in the beauty or cleaning product aisles at your local store. Oh and don’t get suckered in to buying Martha Stewart’s lastest line of eco friendly stuff. It’s stupid expensive and still have some nasty stuff in it.

Ciao for now.


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