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Ok. So I fell off the green food wagon. Well, kind of. I just can’t seem to stay away from wheat. And for me that is super bad for 2 reasons: (1) I’m not supposed to have wheat. I does terrible things to my body and makes me feel all yucky and bloated; and (2) I’m a carb-aholic. And that is my dilemma. I have something bready and the next thing you know everything I put in my mouth is bready.

We sell these amazing pretzels at the store. I love them and it is really really hard to ignore them when they come out the other end of our mini-veyor oven wafting out their toasty, bready goodness. No, NO – BREAD BAD!

I’m starting again today. I have only had 1 cup of coffee with raw sugar and a little bit of cream and a bowl of gluten free corn flakes with almond milk for breakfast. Now I’m moving on to caffeine free tea and veggies for lunch. Dinner is going to be a bigger challenge. Any ideas?

I’m hoping that when we move into the new place I will be able to find time to pre-make meals so that I don’t have to suffer through this awful torture of decision-making at every meal. It boils down to this: I don’t have something I’m allowed to have in the house, ready to heat and eat (which can be done on my limited diet as long as it is made up before hand), so I eat whatever is readily available. Unfortunately, it is usually ladened with wheat and I begin this whole terrible cycle over. *sigh*

I don’t doubt that I will be able to eat the way I’m supposed to but it is going to take some willpower. Something I am seriously lacking. But that is an issue for another day.


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Harder than it looks.

You know it’s not easy being green. I think I have found the right product only to find out that it is not 100% organic, as promised. The upside is that although the product isn’t wholly organic it doesn’t contain any sodium laurel sulfate. The number one NO NO on my avoid list.

As I sit here at the store, eating my vegetarian (no nightshade, no wheat, no meat) taco salad, I wonder: What gives companies the right to falsely advertise their products? I understand that perhaps it would be impossible to list every ingredient in the product on the bottle, but we have a right to know what is harmful to our bodies don’t we? No wait, I take that back. We have EVERY right to know exactly what we are slathering on our bodies daily. “The Green Beauty Guide” by Julie Gabriel, says that by the time we leave our houses in the morning we have inundated our bodies with over 200 toxic chemicals because of the beauty products we use. Shampoo, conditioner, toners, cleansers, cleaners, toothpaste, body wash, perfume, make up, hairspray – blah blah blah – the list is endless. And do we know what is in them? Sort of, but not really. As Julie says in the book (my new green beauty bible by the way), our body is covered in tonnes of little mouths – our pores – that happily suck up anything and everything around us; as well as, everything we put on our bodies. So we get ourselves all prettied up and toxic before we leave the house, and then we go out into the world where there are numerous chemicals floating around in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. How’s that for the scary thought of the day?

Sounds paranoid, I know but it’s not. Nothing in the beauty industry has to be approved, or proven safe, by any governing agency. We all know how well that works (mmm….sarcasm – completely organic!). But the beauty industry doesn’t have to account for anything it does. They could put anything they like in the stuff they sell us and unless it has an immediate reaction – there is nothing anyone can do about it. You should read the “Green Beauty Guide”. It will be enough to scare you natural! It gave me a pretty good shove in that direction even before my crazy allergies were discovered.

I thought I was doing so well. It isn’t easy finding 100% organic anything in Cambridge, ON. So if anyone has any suggestions, please post them.

So what do I do about my organic issue? Good question. I’ll use up what I have of the “Kiss My Face” stuff but I’m going to have to hunt to find something that is actually what it says it is organic & natural.

On the bright side – The new place we are moving into has a backyard. Weeeee!!! And I’ve already purchased my herb starter seeds. I’m going to grow and make my own stuff. That way I know exactly what goes into it.

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